Are you interested in studying at our school? Find out, What we can offer you

  • English with native speakers up to C2 – you’ll be in a group with people of a similar level across year groups

  • Career guidance and personal development – you’ll know what to do after school

  • Preparation for university at the university – you will be taught by university teachers in state-of-the-art laboratories)

  • Our lyceum is better than grammar school – you will get a general foundation and you will enjoy it more

  • Individual approach – you won’t have more than 15 classmates

  • We respect all students regardless of differences, including medical disabilities. You will not experience any humiliation or ridicule because of your appearance, interests, culture or beliefs. You can dress and look however you want

  • Want to study abroad? We’ll support you to go abroad to study high school or college

  • Internship – you can choose shadowing, internship, workshop, training course

  • Honest preparation for graduation from 1. year – every semester you take a “graduation” exam in Czech and write a term paper on your own topic

  • Unique curriculum – the curriculum of each subject will fit together

  • Friendly school climate – you’ll meet students across the grades

  • Teaching staff – quality teachers will teach you

  • You can take advantage of our mentoring, coaching and professional psychological support

Come and see us.

completely noncommittal

  • Each school tour is individual, not group

  • For those seriously interested, we offer a few days of study on probation

  • Our experienced careers advisor will be happy to help the undecided

Specific dates can be arranged here: +420 733 142 518, or here:

you can choose your field of study


  • creative writing and text interpretation

  • speaking and argumentation skills

  • logic

  • history and geography

  • philosophies

  • sociology and political science

  • economics

  • linguistics

  • literature

This focus is for everyone,
who want to go to university:

  • right

  • economics

  • languages

  • history

  • psychology

  • pedagogy

  • journalism

  • artistic disciplines

  • literature

  • art history

Natural History

  • Creative scientific and critical thinking and understanding of phenomena in context

  • English and another foreign language

This focus is for everyone,
who want to go to university:

  • medicine

  • vet

  • pharmacology

  • programming

  • high tech fields – biochemistry, ecology, genetics, artificial intelligence, etc.

Timetable and organization of lessons


Normal teaching

1 to 2 lessons of the same subject per day, at least 2 days a week

  • Suitable for subjects with necessary practice, revision.


Modular teaching

half-/full-day teaching of one subject up to 3 times a week

  • Suitable for project, illustrative teaching often in a real environment.

The two approaches can be combined according to the subjects covered in variable monthly schedules.

Monty lyceum School fee

Standard school fee for newcomers from 1st January 2024

CZK 15,000 per month

CZK 150,000/year

Reduced school fee offer

Our students have the opportunity to have reduced school fee 7 900 CZK monthly or 79 000 CZK yearly.

The following conditions are required to obtain reduced fee:

  • Place Monty Lyceum on the first position of your registration for entrance exams.

  • English level B1 and above – It is not necessary to present an official certificate directly. You can also prove your language skills by taking an online test.

Do you want reduced school fee?

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Are you interested in studying at our school?

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